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I am so excited to announce…

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 is World Greatness Day!

I have decided to produce two events that go hand in hand: The Destined For Greatness men’s event and Nourished: A Hip Hop Gastronomic Storytelling Experience.

Destined For Greatness is an event for any man looking to level up in #LoveLifeGoals, #FamilyLifeGoals, and #WorkLifeGoals! From 9am-1pm, we’ll engage in a light work out to wake us up, we’ll eat some good food, we’ll have some conversations about what it takes to be great, and we’ll help you find a squad of guys to keep you motivated until we meet again. Look forward to a four hour mancation around guys who get it!

Nourished: The Hip Hop Gastro Storytelling Experience will be from 6-9pm. Nourished is an event that combines a cozy loft in a secret location, the Antoine Edmonson live music experience, 3-4 courses of locally sourced European cuisine by Glasz Bleu Oven, and a heart wrenching, yet inspiring riches to rags to riches tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Whether you’re coming with a date or flying solo, Nourished will make your night a memorable one!

Grab your tickets here.