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destined for greatness:



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As a Hip Hop Artist, Husband, and Father, I create music that explores the challenges, triumphs, and the mundane of balancing big dreams of touching the world with this music, being an intentional husband, and present father.










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My podcast (Destined For Greatness: Work In Progress) is an extension of my music, providing bite sized messages to help you start the day with the mindset that you need to overcome the biggest threat to your success....your attitude.Listen to it here.


upcoming Events


I am so excited to announce…

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 is World Greatness Day!

I have decided to produce two events that go hand in hand: The Destined For Greatness men’s event and Nourished: A Hip Hop Gastronomic Storytelling Experience.

Destined For Greatness is an event for any man looking to level up in #LoveLifeGoals, #FamilyLifeGoals, and #WorkLifeGoals! From 9am-1pm, we’ll engage in a light work out to wake us up, we’ll eat some good food, we’ll have some conversations about what it takes to be great, and we’ll help you find a squad of guys to keep you motivated until we meet again. Look forward to a four hour mancation around guys who get it!

Nourished: The Hip Hop Gastro Storytelling Experience will be from 6-9pm. Nourished is an event that combines a cozy loft in a secret location, the Antoine Edmonson live music experience, 3-4 courses of locally sourced European cuisine by Glasz Bleu Oven, and a heart wrenching, yet inspiring riches to rags to riches tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Whether you’re coming with a date or flying solo, Nourished will make your night a memorable one!

Grab your tickets here.